Reference Chart Of Joy From The Innernets

Penny Arcade Secret Santa

An archival table for dem peeps who ain't inta scanning a thread a billion pages long, or who just want something easy to point at for their low attention span significant others who can't understand why anyone would spend money on some random stranger on the internet.

Some reference for the curious: Greyed out people are people with no record of having given or received a gift on the forums. People whose names are in white have either posted receiving gifts or someone has posted about gifts received by them. People with a blue background have both given and received gifts.

Check out the Easter Bunny Gift thread!

ParticipantSantaSanteeLoot!Forum Link
12gaugeCorakDVGWhen 12gauge's gifts are put together they form a giant robotPage 182
AbsoluteZerodarunia106angel177AbsoluteZero knows who he's voting for next electionPage 179
AgentflitTigressZealous OneAgentflit is a Great Dalmuti with a huge tracts of landPage 199
Ah_PookAsiinaUnknownAh_Pook gets his digital jamming onPage 103, Page 157
Alfred J. KwakDraysothMinionOfCthuluAlfred J. Kwak receives a box of kittens! Joy!Page 120
AlphaTwoForarS-StarwindAlphaTwo's loot arrives safely. I think we're sending Max Brooks's kids to college.Page 156
AnakinOUUnknownUnknownAnakinOU gets really random...and weirdPage 187
angel177AbsoluteZeroUnknownAngel177 receives custom-made zombie prevention. SWEET!Page 99
ArcathArikadoFarout FoolioArcath was naughty and gets Bleach from Santa
ArcSynEaster Bunny ForarRobos A Go GoArcsyn becomes the first to fall to the Easter Bunnies!Page 1
areaMightyCornell002area joins the survivors of the undead hordesPage 182
AridholSilverwindRubickAridhol receives a very good beer... a very good beer... Page 114
ArikadoJam WarriorArcathArikado now wields the power to make inanimate things... well, still inanimate, but funny looking!Page 125
ArminasdelphinusJCRooksArminas gets Boned! Oh Henry!Page 175
Asiinathej3wAh_PookAsiina FINALLY opens his gift and receives... AN INFESTATION!Page 181
AvicusBurtletoybigwahAvicus referees the final battle: monkeys vs helicoptersPage 180
BasticleEvanderUnbreakableVowBasticle finds out that the undead are also keen card playersPage 187
ben0207UnknownUnknownDeadbeat SanteeNo post
bigwahAvicusMullitt The Wisebigwah gets his lootPage 58
Blackbeard7HandkorUnknownBlackbeard7 fails to shoot him first ... BUT WAIT! There's more!Page 62, Page 63
BlueBlueslacktronUnknownBlueBlue plays the guessing game!Page 96-98
BulbasaurUnknownDeadbeat SanteeDeadbeat SanteeNo post
BursarEl MuchodarkenedwingBursar can now go out in public without being naked!Page 142
BurtletoyDixonAvicusBurtletoy's new action figure has kung fu gripPage 180
CaedereMordrackUnknownI got a really neat dragon sculpture (woo! Yay for dragons!), and an awesome origami kit. What's really funny about the latter was that I was thinking to myself how much I needed to pick up some origami stuff because I'm sorely out of practice. (No pics)Page 181
Captain CharismaShady3011Deadbeat SantaCaptain Charisma is BATMANPage 157
Captain KUnknownUnknownDeadbeat SanteeNo post
ChenUnknownUnknownChen is on his way to becoming a virtuoso...that or turning into a demon.Page 196
ChewyWafflesUnknownDeadbeat Santa/Santee (That bastard!)
  • Carcassonne and Wubzy snacks
  • Wine gels
  • Ketchup potato chips
  • Syrup wafers
(No pics)
Page 203
cj iwakuraDeathPrawnJerikTeloriancj iwakura's Santa reveals something about yours trulyPage 130
cloudeagleThe Dude With HerpesUEAKCrashCloudeagle's dog got a gift! How thoughtful!Page 155
CmdPromptJHunzUnknownCmdPrompt gets sweets he can't eat from his sadistic SantaPage 182
CoJoeTheLawyerUnknownWalrus PeteCoJoeTheLawyer receives some Mole Skin. Seems like a Godfather-style threat to me.Page 130
CorakJawa12gaugeCorak's bobble bobble bobble bobble bobblePage 161
Cornell002areaDixonWoooooot. Got a package this morning from area. Inside it contained a live Hootie and the Blowfish DVD (WOOT best band ever), a radiometer, and 1600 MS points. Thanks for the gifts! Merry Christmas (No pic)Page 116
CrazybearNorfairSwashbucklerXXCrazybear takes some yellow, grainy picturesPage 92
cyphrwunderbarLewiePcyphr receives pure, grade-A awesomesaucePage 122
DaemonionUnknownUnknownSanta finds Daemonion, even though he's tried to hide!Page 192
dantreeUnknowngrim123You'd think a guy with a name like "dantree" would have a better tree...Page 162
darkenedwingBursarMrDelishdarkenedwing gets the terror that flaps in the night!Page 159
darleysamDoc HollidayRoundBoydarleysam gets a very personal present, but no cake. Is his cake a lie?Page 194
darunia106Lightor216AbsoluteZerodarunia106 gets zombied in miniaturePage 166
DeathPrawnxwonderboyxcj iwakuraDeathPrawn gets a sooty surprisePage 161
DehumanizedUnknownUnknownNo postNo post
DelphinusUnknownArminasDeadbeat SanteeNo post
DHS OdiumMr Heistredfield85DHS Odium gets a fancy lettered letterPage 171. Page 183
diannaochongUnknownUnknowndiannaochong gets treats and points!Page 181
Disco11MinionOfCthulhuNoneoftheaboveDisco11 is the only one prepared for robots... take that, zombie-phobes!Page 137
DixonCornell002BurtletoyReceived, no post, Street Fighter shirt?
Doc HollidayMrDelish, Easter Bunny HypatiadarleysamDoc Holliday's receives a true masterpiece. The best gift ever., Flickr linkPage 181, Page 195, Page 3
DourinUnknownUnknownDeadbeat SanteeNo post
Dr. Phibbs McAtheyLewiePs Mummysee317Dr. Phibbs McAthey has been Santa'd by a Mummy!Page 160
DraysothetdragonAlfred J. KwakDraysoth can now suck on... well...Page 123
DuoRCNHypatiaJohn ZoidbergDuoRCN gets some Tea, Mal, Pal, and Tao.Page 160
DVG12gaugeThetherooDVG better watch himself when he goes for the fruit!Page 187
El MuchoUnknownBursarDeadbeat SanteeNo post
elkatasUnknownben0207elkatas gets a big fat book, how jolly!Page 178
emutheelfThetheroourahonkyEmutheelf's cats get gifts! How thoughtful!Page 81
etdragonUnknownDraysothetdragon gets a dragon punched gift from SantaPage 193
EvanderJohn ZoidbergBasticleEvander shows off his sweet toothPage 59
EvilBadmanmynameisguidoFireWeaselEvilBadman love candy!Page 156
FanaticalistUnknownJoeslopReceived, no post
Farout FoolioArcathUnknownPrivate ResponsePrivate Response
FiggyMadroxxwonderboyxFiggy's ninja cat is after his presentsPage 177
FireWeaselEvilBadmanGameiFireWeasel's may be swallowed wholePage 192
FoF404UnknownUnknownDeadbeat Santee
ForarJAEFAlphaTwo, Arcsyn (Bunnied)Forar gets gifted hardcorePage 87
ForkesPharezonUnknownWho watches the Forkes-man?Page 173, Page 175
freakish lightUnknownRaiden333freakish light, you crazy guy, zombies are dangerous! The first pedophile kit delivered!Page 63
FreeBryd!KapsLockedHardtargetFreebryd! gets a pass to take on LavosPage 180
GameiFireWeaselThe Dude With HerpesGamei's zombies travel internationally to get to himPage 182
gilrainPseudonymLord Yodgilrain must like to read or something, classy gifts!Page 132
Glenn565UnknownSoCo_and_LimePlane tickets and a hotel to participate in a Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament!Page 193
GobboKorjack eddyGobbo is one step closer to playing a real instrument Page 76
grim123dantreeDeadbeat Santeegrim123's cat is buried under his giftsPage 188
HandkortardcoreBlackbeard7Handkor gets some NSFW gifts, was he very good or very naughty?Page 183
HardtargetFreebryd!UnknownHardtarget also falls to the holiday zombie hordes.Page 173
HearthjawUnknownUnknownHearthjaw has rhythm and vampiresPage 170
HylianbunnyWezoinstavesacreGeometry Wars: Galaxies for the Wii, UWO t-shirt (which is great, I'm sadly lacking in them) and 1400 Live Points. (No pics)Page 140
Hypatiawasted pixels, Easter Bunny RoundBoyDuoRCN, Doc Holliday (Bunnied)Hypatia redecorates with her SantaPage 163
IcemopperSchideMeizIcemopper will be fighting crime from a future time.Page 106
IdolNinjawerehippySceptreIdolNinja is blue and cyan!Page 137
Improvolonenoir_bloodwasted pixelsImprovolone is sent a Festivus miraclePage 97
jack eddyGobboUnknownjack eddy gets a game of questionable orientationPage 159
JacksNsomniaJCRooksRobert KhooJacksNsomnia probably has more points than you, now.Page 141
JAEFMr_GrinchForarJAEF has his Xmas ruined by Mr_Grinch (LBP card inside)Page 107, Page 161
Jam WarriorJerikTelorianArikadoJam Warrior now wields the Triforce of PowerPage 200
JawaziggymonCorakJawa receives some rogue droids, and scraps them for partsPage 162
JCRooksArminasJacksNsomniaJCRooks is WANTED for awesomenessPage 107
JerikTeloriancj iwakuraUnknownJerikTelorian's present works with the DS and the DS Lite. Does YOURS?Page 100
JHunzPrimeCmdPromptJHunz gets a package from "wankers"Page 165
JoeslopFanaticalistUnknownJoeslop retros it up with his Sonic burger.Page 177
John ZoidbergDuoRCNEvanderJohn Zoidberg prepares for World War ZPage 105
johniedabombRaiden333Mr Heistjohniedabomb gets geared up in leatherPage 171
Josiah_9UnknownScottyJosiah_9's Santa gets him buffed up, BEEFCAKE!Page 182
judge-zKlykaShady3011Judge-z is gets the last of the holiday tidings from the PA forumsPage 3
K7 AvengerNitsuaDeadbeat SantaK7 Avenger scores some perfect gamer gearPage 184
KapsLockedUnknownFreebryd!Received, no post
Kate of LokysRobert KhooPharezonKate of Lokys gets books for smart peoplePage 191
kendrikWalrus PetemusanKendrik defends the earth from many foes.Page 70
KimFidlerRobos A Go GoUnknownKimFidler receives something his Santa didn't even know he wantedPage 122
KlykaS-StarwindJudge-zWarhammer Fantasy Chaos Knights (No pic)Page 165
KorScottyGobboKor receives hand-made AWESOME.Page 132
KyouguUnknownNimble CatKyougu gets another reason to use his gaming system
LarkaUnknownLewiePs MummyDeadbeat SanteeNo post
LewiePcyphrLightor216LewieP gets a package he doesn't want to show to MummyPage 163
LewiePs MummyLarkaDr. Phibbs McAtheyLewiePs Mummy gets some gifts from GLaDOSPage 180
Lightor216LewiePdarunia106I just received Darwinia, Multiwinia, Bioshock, and Trials 2 on Steam from Lewie P! Thanks a lot! (No pics)Page 182
liquidloganEaster Bunny slacktronmynameisguidoliquidlogan gets some homemade bunny lovePage 2
Lord YodgilrainMr BubblesLord Yod gets a gift that's a natural 20!Page 170
MadroxrandombattleFiggyMadrox prefers the weapon you only have to fire oncePage 175
McPhorks5UnknownDeadbeat SantaDeadbeat SanteeNo post
meatflowerPepperSinclaireUnknownAll of meatflower's gifts were wrapped! Awesomeness increased tenfold!Page 82
MeizIcemopperUnknownMeiz receives... what? If books are gay I'm not sure what this is...Page 155
mere_immortalsuadeotaliosfalconmere_immortal keeps the holiday spirit going, that daredevil!Page 203
MichaelLCUnknownWetsunMichaelLC gets a cat! Wait...Page 61
MightyRookareaMighty receives some Mighty Fine gifts! (ho ho ho!)Page 161
MinionOfCthulhuAlfred J. KwakDisco11MinionOfCthulu is honorable by proxy! Oh what's this? Chocolate? OMNOMNOMPage 150
MordrackZackSchillingCaederePage 175, Page 176, Page 195
Mr BubblesLord Yodtoxk_02Mr Bubbles receives witty one-liners!Page 132
Mr HeistjohniedabombDHS OdiumMr Heist gets to tootin'Page 166
Mr_GrinchstavesacreJAEFMr_Grinch's heart grows three times.Page 175
MrDelishdarkenedwingDoc HollidayMr Delish probably knew what his gift was before he opened it.Page 145, Page 204
Mullitt the WisebigwahPseudonymMullitt The Wise's llama takes a crack at his presents. Watch out, they spit!Page 173
MusankendrikSheep Have WoolMusan receives a probably expensive gift! ... Also he is a maget.Page 79, Page 93
mynameisguidoliquidloganEvilBadmanmynameisguido gets games, garments, and a guidePage 179
Nimble CatKyouguUnknownNimble Cat is sent some Hope. The best gift there is.Page 101
NitsuaUnknownK7 AvengerNitsua gets a pick-me-up after losing a faithful friendPage 196
noir_bloodUnknownImprovoloneHaha... now noir_blood has to read stuffPage 126
NoneoftheaboveDisco11tardcoreNoneoftheabove now has the ability to stick things to things!Page 130
NorfairurahonkyCrazybearNorfair can't complain about having an ill-timed birthday this year! Page 158
PemulisSoCo_and_LimeWilDPanthA05Pemulis gets his dog a huge haulPage 102
PepperSinclaireRubickmeatflowerPepperSinclaire shouldn't be allowed near dolls of any kindPage 128
PharezonKate of LokysForkesPharezon can destroy tiny buildings now, from a remote locationPage 111, Page 130
PikaPuffJack EddyUnknownPikaPuff must be gay because books are gay and clearly he likes his gift.Page 103
PrimeEaster Bunny ZiggymonJHunzPrime is confronted by his nemesisPage 2
PseudonymMullitt The WisegilrainPseudonym receives some potentially creepy stuff Page 159
quirkyqueueUnknownUnknownDeadbeat SanteeNo post
Raiden333freakish lightjohniedabombRaiden333 gets some serious bookage and shirtagePage 79
randombattleUEAKCrashMadroxRandombattle gets challenged for the second part of his giftPage 102
RavincrisisUnknownDeadbeat SantaDeadbeat SanteeNo post
redfenixSheep Have WoolUnknownredfenix gets invaded by the Secret of ManaPage 168
redfield85DHS Odiumwunderbarredfield85 receives a most epic gift. Seriously.Page 96
redhaloUnknownUnknownDeadbeat SanteeNo post
Robert KhooJacksNsomniaKate of LokysRobert Khoo is hard to shop for... but not for JacksNsomnia!Page 129
Robos A Go GoArcSynKimFidler
  • Robos is a Persona 4
  • Persona 4 Soundtrack: Side B, a 2009 Persona 4 calender (a great way to ring in the New Year!), and a Persona 4 t-shirt
Page 176
Rooktoxk_02MightyRook gets caffeine, chocolate, curry, and cd, he's covered for the new yearPage 190
RoundboydarleysamZackSchilling, Hypatia (Bunnied)RoundBoy is charged with glucose!Page 198
  1. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (No pic)
  2. Part 2
  3. Dead Rising for 360, Penny Arcade: Birds are Weird, Penny Arcade: The Case of the Mummy's Gold, Penny Arcade: The Warsum Prophecies (No pic)
Page 106, Page 109, Page 118
SamorisUnknownUnknownDeadbeat SanteeNo post
SceptreIdolninjaUnknownSceptre received a glorious bounty.Page 66
  1. Santa sent me the first part of my gift, an itunes album download of Elvis Costello's When I Was Cruel! (No pic)
  2. Schide gets the TOUCH
Page 113
ScottyJosiah_9KorScotty is Canadian! Haha... Canada... Page 155
see317Dr. Phibbs McAtheyUnknownsee317's Twisp-ish Santa has plumbed the comic depths for himPage 193
Shady3011judge-zCaptain CharismaShady3011 gifts US with the largest, worst quality pictures ever (sorry)Page 117
Sheep Have WoolMusanredfenixSheep Have Wool is told where he can stick his salt.Page 92
SilverWindSniperGuyAridholSilverWind takes us through a journey of presentsPage 55
slacktronUnknownBlueBlue, liquidlogan (Bunnied)slacktron receives the gift... OF SCIENCE!Page 152
SlagmireThe_ScarabspookymuffinSlagmire gets a motherload of cheer from across the pond, plus Hellboy Library Edition: Volume 1 (No pic)Page 182
SniperGuyEaster BunniesSilverWindSniperGuy gets a boatload of roadkill flavored treatsPage 3
SoCo_and_LimeGlenn565PemulisSoCo_And_Lime and his pet WALL-E tear into their gifts!Page 137
spookymuffinSlagmireUnknownspookymuffin has some ... uh... reading material Page 123
S-StarwindAlphaTwoKlykaS-Starwind can protect the G&T army from ZombiesPage 138
stavesacreHylianbunnyMr_GrinchStavesacre gets a couple of the best games on the DS!Page 161
suadeoUnknownmere_immortalDeadbeat SanteeNo post
SwashbucklerXXCrazybearUnknownSwashbucklerXX gets WoW stalkedPage 187
taliosfalconmere_immortalUnknowntaliosfalcon gets a holiday message from across the pondPage 178
tardcoreNoneoftheaboveHandkortardcore doesn't know that books are gayPage 98
The Dude With HerpesGameicloudeagleThe Dude With Herpes gets some sauce for eatin' his new gamePage 180
The_ScarabUnknownSlagmireDeadbeat SanteeNo post
thej3wUnknownAsiinaDeadbeat SanteeNo post
TheOne(AndOnly)UnknownUnknownRondo of Swords for my DS, Serenity for my movie rack and The Alphabet of Manliness for my book case. Thank you very much for the bitching gifts, and hopefully I can get my gift out soon. (No pic)Page 117
ThetherooDVGemutheelfThetheroo gets some nice bedtime stories...for serial killers!Page 185
TigressUnknownAgentflitTigress gets gifted by a true stalker!Page 112
toxk_02Mr BubblesRookToxk_02's receives an epic phallusPage 110
TSI|AwesomeUnknownUnknownDeadbeat SanteeNo post
UEAKCrashcloudeaglerandombattleUEAKCrash gets his gift and rapes your H-scroll Page 104
UnbreakableVowBasticleZarcathPage 178
urahonkyemutheelfNorfairUrahonky says "Christmas?" more like "Zombie...mas"Page 94
VicUnknownUnknownDeadbeat Santee
Walrus PeteCoJoeTheLawyerkendrikIt is full of chocolate-covered pretzels, and I am incredibly pleased about this. The main event, so to speak, was a brand new copy of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows for the Xbox 360! (No pics)Page 183
wasted pixelsImprovoloneHypatiawasted pixels gets some jingling candle powered holiday magicPage 191
werehippyWillethIdolNinjaWerehippy orders the Chief Santa around, gets some loot anywayPage 72
WetsunMichaelLCDeadbeat SanteeWetsun receiv-OM NOM NOM NOMPage 158
WezoinZeromusHylianbunnyWezoin gets some old school vinylPage 107
WIckedkarmaZealous OneSchideWIckedkarma's haduken will take you outPage 179
WilDPanthA05PemulisUnknownWilDPanthA05 is now ENTERTAINEDPage 118
WillethZarcathwerehippyWilleth's Blu-Ray haulPage 104
wunderbarRedfield85cyphrWunderbar probably got more than he deserved!Page 131
xwonderboyxFiggyDeathPrawnxWonderboyx's gift warms the cockles of one's heartPage 160
ZackSchillingUnknownMordrackZackSchilling's Santa is actually a birthday bunny in disguisePage 189
ZarcathUnbreakableVowWillethZarcath gets a...Wii?!Page 181
Zealous OneAgentflitWIckedkarmaZealous One has an 8-bit Christmas from a hardcore SantaPage 188
  • Penny-Arcade apparel
  • Delicious treats
  • Nintendo 64 with Glover
Page 197
ziggymonUnknownJawa, Prime (Bunnied)Deadbeat SanteeNo show