Wall of Holiday Cheer from the Innernets

Penny Arcade Secret Santa 2009

An archival table for dem peeps who ain't inta scanning a thread a billion pages long, or who just want something easy to point at for their low attention span significant others who can't understand why anyone would spend money on some random stranger on the internet.

If you're looking for previous years of compacted joy, we've got those too:

Some reference for the curious: Greyed out people are people with no record of having given or received a gift on the forums. People whose names are in white have either posted receiving gifts or someone has posted about gifts received by them. People with a blue background have both given and received gifts.

Participant Santa Santee Loot! Forum Link
12gauge mntorankusu X Pr3dat0R X 12gauge now has a whole new way to decorate! Page 85
AbsoluteZero Anarchy Blackbeard7 Ratchet and Clank keep AbsoluteZero company while he waits his second present Page 11 Page 44 Page 85
Agentflit Aioua Agentflit gets a "hand" with his holiday spirit, har har har! Page 72
Ah_Pook PepperSinclaire noir_blood Ah_Pook is santified from across the pond, good eats from forn parts abound! Page 81 Page 91
Aioua freakish light Agentflit Aioua gets the gift of PURE UNADULTERATED ENERGY Page 4
Alegis Ampix Alegis is accepted into the ranks of CEDA! Page 87 Page 26 Page 86
Alfred J. Kwak Bursar cyphr Kwak is now safe from Castles, as no one destroys them like Simon! Page 5
Ampix Imperfect Alegis Ampix's Santa properly identifies Ampix's good taste...mmmmm! Page 17
Anarchy SirUltimos AbsoluteZero Anarchy gets stuff from Canadia, eh? Page 105
Angel177 None Stormwatcher Angel177 has noms! Page 62
anoffday John Zoidberg arcath anoffday getsa Maaaario and other goodies! Page 38
Antithesis Antithesis gets stalked hard Page 102
Apogee None Santa wants Apogee to have a good time at work? Page 95
arcath Arcath's day is brightened by G&T SS, and isn't that the whole point? Page 86 Page 5
ArcSyn Kor Bursar ArcSyn's present braves the snow. Page 71
area None UnbreakableVow area is faced with a tough decision, to open or not to open? Page 87
Arikado Tycho The Dude With Herpes Holy crap, Arikado! That Cthulhu is terrifying! But that giftage is hott. (Extra T for emphasis.) Page 51
Asiina arcath Basticle Asiina gets a haul of non-food food! Page 84
Austera Mr Heist SwashbucklerXX Austera shows us Ukulele Hero is real. Real awesome. Page 73
Avoid Spikes jclast toolbert Avoid Spikes gets a small treasure trove! Page 31
Baicon spookymuffin bigwah Baicon's cat gets a gift! Poor Baicon is left out Page 27 Page 30
Basticle Asiina Senshi Basticle gets MEDIA'D! Page 5 Page 78
bigwah Baicon BloodyRoarXX bigwah gets Yoshi'd up! Page 83
Blackbeard7 AbsoluteZero Nastyman Blackbeard7 receives all the ingredients he needs for kicking butt! Page 20
BloodyRoarXX bigwah FreeBryd! BloodyRoarXX enters the age...the age of dragons! Page 77
BlueBlue Rorus Raz Burtletoy Blueblue gets a present in a scary, but also holiday-appropriate package Page 69
Bursar ArcSyn Alfred J. Kwak Bursar can now make all of his appointments! Page 63
Burtletoy BlueBlue Burtletoy gets likkered up! Page 68 Page 104 Page 33 Page 88
Cameron_Talley None Clayburn Cameron_Talley is a SPOONY BARD! Page 13
Chen Cornell002 Mighty Santa tosses Chen some blocks and barrels! Page 24 Page 37
cj iwakura None redfield85 CJ Iwakura's got game! Page 61
Clayburn Cameron_Talley mere_immortal Clayburn gets ... is that ... that's totally Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce. !!! Page 75
cloudeagle SilverWind UEAKCrash Bada-dada-dada-dada dada-dada-dada-dada Cloudeagle! Page 62
CoJoeTheLawyer LoveIsUnity Page 84
Cornell002 toolbert Chen Cornell gets the gift of zombies and monkeys! Page 29
Crazybear Page 2
Custom Special WraithXt1 Zeromus Custom Special gets left...for dead! (x2) Page 47 Page 72 Page 77 Page 77
cyphr Alfred J. Kwak Cyphr gets the best DS game ever made. Scientific fact. Page 69
Daemonion None Daemonion gets a stack of things to play! Page 87
dantree Wezoin darkenedwing dantree gets a pick-me-up from his Santa Page 17
darkenedwing dantree Sceptre darkenedwing's Santa is saucy! Page 87
darleysam SniperGuy SoaL darleysam is now equipped for his space voyage! Page 89
darunia106 LewieP's Mummy Death Cab for Albie darunia106 gets boxed, time to break out the fire flowers! Page 46 Page 64 Page 85
Death Cab for Albie darunia106 DHS Odium Death Cab For Albie defeated the dreaded mailbox monster, and received gift-loot as a reward! Page 68
Deathprawn mynameisguido DVG DeathPrawn's got rhythm, DeathPrawn's got souuuul! Page 79
Dehumanized Draysoth Norfair Dehumanized gets a little bit of everything from his Santa Page 35
DHS Odium Death Cab for Albie Dourin DHS Odium stars in Gifts, Part Deux: Stalk'd Harder. Page 27 Page 53
Doc Holliday The Santa King meets the Pumpkin King Page 98
Dourin DHS Odium EggyToast Dourin gets the gift of MMOs! Page 80
Draysoth Disco11 Dehumanized Draysoth is attacked by KILLER BUNNIES! Page 39
DVG Deathprawn Slagmire Page 83
earthwormadam Forar earthwormadam shows off his shiny new points! Page 74
EggyToast Dourin John Zoidberg EggyToast is in some long awaited Rapture! Page 96
elevature EvilBadman TheScruple elevature falls victim to the merch! Page 84
elkatas None elkatas gets some bling to color coordinate with the snow! Page 71
EvilBadman DuoRCN elevature EvilBadman gets loot! And confuses noms with books. Silly EvilBadman. Page 68
Figgy RisenPhoenix freakish light Figgy gets some love from down under! Page 29
fonograph None fonograph is getting sleepy...very sleepy.... Page 44
Forar Willeth earthwormadam Forar is inundated by swag and gifts! Page 90
freakish light Figgy Aioua freakish light gets some handmade holiday love! Page 98 Page 68
FreeBryd! BloodyRoarXX grim123 FreeBryd! gets a whole heap of shiny new goodness! Page 88
Glenn565 None Lunysgwen Glenn565 gets a shipment in from the land of the rising sun! Page 79
grim123 FreeBryd! grim123 gets a kitty! Page 31
Handkor Madpoet JaysonFour Handkor gets some library additions Page 57
Hearthjaw remlap13 Doc Holliday Hearthjaw gets some peashooters and walnuts Page 103
Hypatia Zeromus Hypatia gets cyborgs and children's stories! Page 67
Icemopper JAEF SF_Dhalsim Icemopper gets gifted in a major way! Page 95 Page 25
iMatt Morvidus Antithesis iMatt receives a care package on his sickbed! Page 77
Imperfect Ampix Ampix Imperfect gets some perfect gifts for the New Year! Page 87
jack eddy Judge-Z JHunz jack eddy is graced with a wide range of gifts for his wife to play with Page 88
JAEF JaysonFour Icemopper JAEF gets an assortment of good eats! Page 85
Jam Warrior vegeta_666 swift Jam Warrior is well chuffed with his gifts! Page 41
Jawa JHunz MinionOfCthulu Jawa gets some wangs in his mouth Page 54
JaysonFour Handkor JAEF JaysonFour gets goodies to fully kit out his kitchen! Page 91
jclast Lord Yod Avoid Spikes jclast's gift is out of this world! Page 14
JerikTelorian None JerikTelorian gets a classy new wardrobe Page 26
JHunz jack eddy Jawa I think JHunz wound up with a jealous gecko myself Page 14
John Zoidberg EggyToast anoffday John Zoidberg's Santa might have it out for him! Page 84
Josiah_9 LewieP Crazybear Page 87
Judge-Z Lightor216 jack eddy Judge-Z can now spork zombie brains! Page 74
Ketar Lost Ketar chooses his own adventure, which results in gifts from Santa! Page 9
kiwi Mace1370 Kiwi gets MORE GIFTS Page 101 Page 27 Page 90
Kor None ArcSyn Kor's gift is crushing ... errr ... protecting his cat Page 57
Kyougu Rook pslong9 Kyougu receives a feast, some assembly required Page 76 Page 84
LewieP None Josiah_9 LewieP gets his holidays hand delivered! Page 56
LewieP's Mummy Stormwatcher darunia106 LewieP's Mummy is showered with poems and jewelry! Page 18 Page 52 Page 57
Lightor216 None Judge-Z Lightor216 will soon know the joy of the tachikomas! Page 65
Lord Yod None jclast Page 4
Lost Zarcath Ketar Lost found a gift! Page 62
Louie poisonx Madpoet Louie gets a slew of superheroes! Page 64
LoveIsUnity MinionOfCthulu CoJoeTheLawyer LoveIsUnity gets some deadly creatures to go with their deadly creature! Page 48 Page 57 Page 66
Lunysgwen Glenn565 Mr Heist Lunysgwen is tided over with some early holiday cheer...and swords Page 106
Mace1370 mooshoepork kiwi Mace1370 fights crime with his new heroic sidekick! Page 38 Page 57 Page 89
Madpoet Louie Handkor Madpoet has a sassy cat. And an awesome shirt! Page 79
mere_immortal Clayburn mere_immortal saw Mommy chewing Santa Claus Page 89 Page 66
Metal Gear Solid 2 Demo Metal Gear Solid 2 Demo is left for dead...twice! Page 90
Mighty Chen Lord Yod Mighty gets some Magic! Page 48
MinionOfCthulu Jawa LoveIsUnity MinionOfCthulu's holidays are happily invaded by horror and darkness! Page 19
mntorankusu noir_blood 12gauge Mntorankusu gets some high-quality comics! Alas, there's a stunning lack of Edward involved. Page 43 Page 53
mooshoepork redfield85 Mace1370 mooshoepork is rewarded for his patience! Page 83
Mr Heist Lunysgwen Austera Mr Heist is now faced with some tough decisions! Page 77
MrDelish Pixel Blue TheOtherHorseman MrDelish puts his gifts to excellent use! Page 74
mynameisguido urahonky Deathprawn mynameisguido gets some gear..WoW! Page 61
Nastyman Blackbeard7 TK-42-1 Page 8
NickTheNewbie pslong9 Rook NickTheNewbie gets some beats to jam to! Page 80
noir_blood Ah_Pook mntorankusu Chocolate AND bacon? Better than a PS3 indeed. noir_blood's gift arrives! Page 12
Norfair Dehumanized SilverWind Norfair's got triforce power! Page 83 Page 85
PepperSinclaire Sceptre Ah_Pook PepperSinclaire gets some long awaited gift goodies! Page 94
Pixel Blue Doc Holliday MrDelish Pixel Blue gets some crafty cheer! Page 68
pslong9 Kyougu NickTheNewbie pslong9 can now master the mighty steel leg technique! Page 34
randombattle randombattle is Iron Man! Page 11 Page 65
redfield85 cj iwakura mooshoepork A supply drop arrives for redfield85! Page 48
remlap13 Shady3011 Hearthjaw Remlap13 gets some post-exam Awesome! Page 76
RisenPhoenix Senshi Figgy RisenPhoenix gets a package full of joy! Page 62
Robert Khoo slacktron Robert Khoo gets the first member of his new robot army Page 72
Rook NickTheNewbie Kyougu Rook gets his gift just in the "nick" of time! Page 78
Rorus Raz SF_Dhalsim BlueBlue Rorus Raz is high class with his Santified tea! Page 84
Sceptre darkenedwing PepperSinclaire Sceptre gets something to wear while he visits exotic locales! Page 93
Schide Scotty xWonderboyx Schide's Santa has sent him into a Frenzy! Page 66
Scotty SoaL Schide Scotty gets some hand drawn holiday love! Page 45
See317 See317 is all gooey on the inside! Page 78 Page 21
Senshi Basticle RisenPhoenix Senshi eats through to the papery goodness! Page 44
SF_Dhalsim Icemopper Rorus Raz SF_Dhalsim gets some censor blurred gifts Page 50 Page 67
Shady3011 stavesacre remlap13 Shady3011 is given a holiday ultimatum! Page 15 Page 71
SilverWind Norfair cloudeagle
SirUltimos SwashbucklerXX Anarchy SirUltimos gets some quality giftage! Page 20
slacktron tachyon Robert Khoo slacktron gets a very confusing letter! Page 89 Page 91
Slagmire DVG tachyon Slagmire gets high-quality viewing material Page 72
SniperGuy TeeMan darleysam SniperGuy gets some round table action! Page 22 Page 87
SoaL darleysam Scotty Santa, SoaL, and Sea Monsters! Page 91
Spartan 0092 The Dude With Herpes Spartan 0092 goes commando this christmas Page 74
spookymuffin The_Spaniard Baicon spookymuffin gets a box of furry...presents! Page 46
stavesacre TheScruple Shady3011 First off, stavesacre gets gifts so personal that his own mother is put to shame Page 4
Stormwatcher Angel177 LewieP's Mummy Stormwatcher's torch is lit by an angel Page 81 Page 93
SwashbucklerXX Swashbuckler says she's hard to stalk... ha! Not for the Santa Legion! Page 4
swift Jam Warrior Swift gets some surprisingly inedible gifts! Page 28 Page 32
tachyon Slagmire slacktron Black Mesa locates tachyon for a turkey day surprise! Page 85 Page 21
tardcore travathian Page 77
TeeMan UEAKCrash SniperGuy TeeMan's stimpy is a little scurry. Page 99 Page 63
The Dude With Herpes Arikado Spartan 0092 The Dude With Herpes is wished a MRRgllGGRRRRrgglgllggGLLLGLllGGLLGRRRGGGL!! Page 73
TheOtherHorseman MrDelish TheOtherHorseman is visited by a devoted servant of the Emperor, Warhammer style Page 26 Page 96
TheScruple elevature stavesacre TheScruple drums like the wind...he'd better, or the zombies will get him! Page 71
The_Spaniard UnbreakableVow spookymuffin The_Spaniard gets upgraded to blu-ray! Page 28
TK-42-1 Nastyman TK-42-1 gets some vinyl, sweet! Page 66
toolbert Avoid Spikes Cornell002 Toolbert's cat has a head-thong! Page 50
travathian werehippy tardcore Travathian learns of the sweet, sweet taste of brains ... err ... truffles. Page 65
Tycho Arikado
UEAKCrash cloudeagle TeeMan UEAKCrash's Santa knows him real well by now Page 9
Ultimanecat Wheezer
UnbreakableVow area The_Spaniard UnbreakableVow's Santa sends him a gift that's joy in 3 parts! Page 13 Page 15 Page 59
urahonky urahonky gets rations for both the mind and body to last out the cold winter nights Page 57 Page 39
vegeta_666 None Jam Warrior vegeta_666 has a very complete Santa, books, balls, and videogames! Page 82
werehippy None travathian werehippy gets a heart attack wrapped in joyful holiday packaging! Page 91 Page 91
Wezoin wobblyheadedbob dantree Wezoin receives the tools to start his bid for world domination! Page 71
Wheezer None Ultimanecat Wheezer gets some electronic giftage to tide him over! Page 80
WIckedkarma X Pr3dat0R X urahonky WIckedkarma gets the gift of WAAAAUGGHGHHH Page 106 Page 24
WilDPanthA05 See317 WilDPanthA05 gets a new library! Page 9
Willeth Xtarath Forar Willeth gets a ton of not-gay books! Page 53
wobblyheadedbob Crazybear Wezoin wobblyheadedbob is going to have to steady himself to get through his new book! Page 87
WraithXt1 None Custom Special Page 72
X Pr3dat0R X 12gauge WIckedkarma X Pr3dat0R X is shivering with antici.....pation Page 69
Xtarath Zealous One Willeth Xtarath gets some candy Californias and a Fat Charlie! Page 62 Page 71
xWonderboyx Schide xWonderboyx gets too many things. I mean seriously. That's just too many! Page 13
Zealous One randombattle Xtarath Zealous One's gifts definitely aren't lost in translation! Page 90
Zeromus Custom Special Hypatia There's a new name in Gotham...and that name is Zeromus! Page 66