Penny Arcade Secret Santa 2010

It's becoming a tradition! An archival table that charts the unreasonable generousity of people on the internet for the purposes of looking really impressive. It's also for those who are new to stalking their Santees or for people who don't want to page through a billion forum posts, enjoy!

If you're looking for previous years of compacted joy, we've got those too:

Some reference for the curious: Greyed out people are people with no record of having given or received a gift on the forums. People whose names are in white have either posted receiving gifts or someone has posted about gifts received by them. People with a blue background have both given and received gifts.

Participant Santa Santee Loot! Forum Link
AaronKISceptrejoshgotroAaronKI gets minecrafted!Page 75
AbsoluteZerostrebaliciousLouieAbsoluteZero gets bombarded by forn parts delicaciesPage 20
acidlacedpenguinacidlacedpenguin's gift is laced with antici-------pationPage 64, Page 81
AddaNackmatholnAdda's gift occurs a long time ago in a galaxy far, far awayPage 56
Ah_PookJam WarriorRookAh_Pook is gifted a tribute from foreign landsPage 73
AiouaS-StarwindIt's a small world for AiouaPage 72, Page 72
AkiraShrieking EmuDawasaurusAkira gets a serious communique from Corporal S. Claus, Adeptus CheerusPage 42, Page 52
Alfred J. KwakKlykaThe Dude With HerpesAlfred J. Kwak gets a spooky gift, death to the Alliance!Page 57, Page 57
AnarchyMr_GrinchAnarchy gets bagged infusions of holiday spiritPage 71
Angel177cmsamoThe Count of Midget FistoAngel177 learns why the UK is better!Page 19
anoffdayChanceRorus Razanoffday's santa is game-tastic, look at all that green!Page 15
apogeedarunia106JHunzapogee fends off the zombie hoards with chocolate presents!Page 85
ArcSynjeddy leeArcSyn gets a MASSIVE package from the northPage 51, Page 61
areamere_immortalarea is a space pirate, arrr!Page 73
ArikadoKetarArikado's gift expands his horizonsPage 32
AsiinaRookJam WarriorAsiina's sweet tooth is well cared forPage 79
battledrillImperfectbattledrill is now a certified geek, 20-siders is how he rolls!Page 74
belligerentDekuStickKiasbelligerent goes cruising the galaxy with his new falconPage 67, Page 71
BeltaineRisenPhoenixZiggymonBeltaine gets some undercover action with the help of his K9 petPage 56
bigwahPepperSinclairebigwah gets loaded up with Penny Arcade readings!Page 33
Blackbeard7UnbreakableVowstevemarks44Blackbeard7's transformers help him celebrate a happy holiday!Page 67, Page 69
BlueBlueUEAKCrashWraithXt1BlueBlue's loaded up with treats!Page 31
BursartoolbertTeeManBursar gets some awesome toys, the better to track you down and shoot you with!Page 45, Page 49
Cameron_TalleycrucialityfactorNorfairCameron_Talley gets the most awesome do it yourself lego-kits ever!Page 60
CangoFettFeels Good ManCangoFett gets monsters and mugsPage 68
CCF23KetarCCF23 can now defend all of the holidays in his new ship!Page 64
ChanceRorus RazanoffdayChance gets the good kid coal for ChristmasPage 82
ChenkorChen receives some mysterious packagesPage 76, Page 53, Page 55
cj iwakuraHearthjawFig-Dcj iwakura's gift arrives after an epic trip!Page 55
cloudeagleAlegisiMattcloudeagle gets his daily show dosage in one package!Page 41
cmsamoDoc HollidayAngel177cmsamo's gifts for the season are elementary, old chap, elementary!Page 64
Cornell002Cornell002 gets some sunny bunny love!Page 1
crucialityfactorNorfairCameron_Talleycrucialityfactor gets music, magic, and calvinball for the holidaysPage 49
Custom SpecialLewieP's MummyCustom Special versus the world!Page 64, Page 61
DaemonionDaemonion's gift puts hair on his chestPage 70
dantreeDHS OdiumMooshoeporkdantree gets some old school books, on actual paper!Page 78
darkenedwingkordarkenedwing gets his game on!Page 39
darunia106JHunzapogeedarunia106 may never play games againPage 72
DawasaurusAkiraShrieking EmuDawasaurus has golden suns, dark dawns, and the whole package!Page 58
Death Cab for AlbieelkatasPeewiClothes, music, and books, what more does Death Cab For Albie need?Page 15
DehumanizedearthwormadamRadiationDehumanized gets a gift he can really sink his teeth into!Page 52
DekuStickKiasbelligerentDekuStick gets some syphilis and missile-toes for Xmas!Page 33
devericDunxcoDoc Hollidaydeveric gets a very murowlowrwrwer santaPage 61
DHS OdiumMooshoeporkdantreeDHS Odium receives a sinfully good presentPage 80, Page 88
DiannaoChongHardtargethandkorDiannaoChong gets some sweet comic books, it's superhero time!Page 44
DidgeridooSzechuanRobert KhooDidgeridoo is loaded up with fancy new apparel!Page 72
Disco11AgentflitJoeslopDisco11 gets some old school entertainment!Page 59
Doc HollidaydevericcmsamoDoc Holliday gets 1-up'd for the holidays!Page 38
Draysothmere_immortalDraysoth actually has to read to appreciate his gifts!Page 95
DunxcoThe Count of Midget FistodevericDunxco's gift is ultra-sonically sweet!Page 36
DuoRCNsirchrissypooDuoRCN gets his game onPage 74
DyvionSirUltimosvegeta_666Dyvion gets a monster load of holiday treats!Page 90, Page 83
earthwormadamRadiationDehumanizedearthwormadam's trusty canine sidekick helps him to take on the evil communist agendaPage 44
elevatureShady3011Rentelevature's got game, so much game!Page 57
elkatasPeewiDeath Cab for Albieelkatas is the new Batman!Page 17
El MuchoTHEPAIN73LunysgwenEl Mucho receives some indie game love!Page 62
EvilBadmanparabolaForceVoidEvilBadman's santa sends him a'shootin!Page 72
exisFremexis is now able to hunt down those pesky monsters using his supernatural awesomeness!Page 95, Page 95
Feels Good ManFreeBryd!CangoFettFeels Good Man gets steamed with some darksiders!Page 42
Fig-Dcj iwakuraHearthjawFig-D gets is stalked with precision, getting gifted with awesome game-age and comic-agePage 48
FiggyJAEFLord YodFiggy gets a whole passle of prime presents!Page 30, Page 63
ForarTheOtherHorsemanKendrikPage 32
ForceVoidEvilBadmanparabolaForceVoid's puppies have his back when it comes to presentsPage 82
FreeBryd!Feels Good ManFreeBryd! gets a gift, Santa delivered a game, joy comes in haikuPage 81
FremexisTwo Headed BoyFrem gets stick figures and Warcraft, a winning combination!Page 13
galenbladeJohn Zoidbergspookymuffingalenblade is inundated by a flood of treats!Page 9
Grim123harvestgrim123's got the holiday greens!Page 86
GroveMullitt the WiseTheScrupleGrove has some predatorial backup!Page 75
HallowedFaithPepperSinclaireHallowedFaith's world is full of war, warcraft!Page 50
handkorDiannaoChongHardtargetHandkor's got the 'fro now for a proper holiday season!Page 90
HardKaseSchideXaviarHardKase gets both the force -and- phasersPage 34
HardtargethandkorDiannaoChongHardtarget gets some love from the pumpkin kingPage 22
harvestGrim123laiceps1983harvest must now explore the secrets of Monkey IslandPage 85, Page 89, Page 73, Page 10
HearthjawFig-Dcj iwakuraPage 80
HenroidmntorankusuWIckedkarmaHenroid's present is a puzzle to everyonePage 84
HypatiaHypatia's virtual library growsPage 74
IcemopperStormwatchernoir_bloodIcemopper gets loaded up with many gifts of awesomeness!Page 51, Page 90, Page 95, Page 39, Page 51
iMattcloudeagleiMatt receives a visit from the dark knight of the north pole!Page 30
ImperfectbattledrillRoss MillsImperfect's santa sends him a library!Page 70
ImthebOHGODBEESLewiePMrDelishImthebOHGODBEES gets games with accompanying musicPage 52
JAEFLord YodFiggyJAEF gets the motherlode of Penny Arcade merch!Page 9
Jam WarriorAsiinaAh_PookJam Warrior's canadian santa sends stuff onward from the north polePage 49, Page 49
JaysonFourPage 59
jclastJudge-Zredfield85jclast's santa knows the alpha protocolPage 96, Page 20
jeddy leeArcSynjeddy lee gets some treasures delivered to the frozen northlandsPage 78
JerikTelorianMr_GrinchJerikTelorian gets some training materials to prepare for the zombie apocalypsePage 43
JHunzapogeedarunia106JHunz's santa sends a pink and round messengerPage 68
JoeslopDisco11Joeslop receives a bag of many geeky thingsPage 30
John ZoidbergspookymuffingalenbladeJohn Zoidberg gets a ton of treats!Page 51
joshgotroAaronKIjoshgotro gets a whole training regimen!Page 23
Judge-ZjclastJudge-Z gets some handmade awesomeness along with a whole slew of other things!Page 66
k0dosK0dos's bunny gears him up!Page 1
KendrikForarTheOtherHorsemanAll hail Kendrik's flying spaghetti monster!Page 26
KetarArikadoCCF23Ketar gets a million books in one!Page 46, Page 37
KiasbelligerentDekuStickKias gets a whole chest full'a treasure! Booty!Page 50
KlykaThe Dude With HerpesAlfred J. KwakKlyka is enlisted into the galactic alliance to fight the zerg threat!Page 51
kordarkenedwingChenKor gets some handmade wearable love!Page 90
KSKPage 89
KyouguTSI|AwesomeshadowaneKyougu gets some mean wrasslin' gearPage 60
laiceps1983harvestlaiceps1983's santa gives him the gift of gaming...on a PS3!Page 91
LewiePImthebOHGODBEESLewieP is loaded up for combat!Page 84
LewieP's MummyCustom Specialremlap13LewieP's Mummy gets a handmade surprise back!Page 78, Page 78
Lord YodFiggyJAEFLord Yod is heaped with games and gaiety!Page 17
LouieAbsoluteZerostrebaliciousLouie eats mince pies and races automobiles!Page 16
LunysgwenEl MuchoJakesullyLunysgwen gets a whole new wardrobePage 74
mere_immortalDraysothareamere_immortal gets gifts...or is it just the wind?Page 62
MightyurahonkyTHEPAIN73Mighty gets a mighty nice haul!Page 54, Page 35
Mister_PenguinMister_Penguin gets a 1-up!Page 79
mntorankusuWIckedkarmaHenroidmntorankusu's assortment of gifts is pure holiday cheer!Page 70
MooshoeporkdantreeDHS Odiummooshoepork will be taking lotso secret santa pictures next year!Page 34
MrDelishImthebOHGODBEESMrDelish gets a modern mosaic!Page 57
Mr_GrinchJerikTelorianAnarchyMr_Grinch builds and crafts mines for the holidaysPage 68
Mr HeistproyebatNickTheNewbieMr Heist gets an assortment of odd and adventuresome snacks!Page 65
Mullitt the WiseTheScrupleGroveMullitt the Wise is musically gifted!Page 56
mxmarksstavesacremxmarks gets gifts for both him and his feline friend!Page 33
NackmatholnAddawobblyheadedbobNackmatholn gets PS3'd!Page 55, Page 11
NickTheNewbieMr HeistproyebatNickTheNewbie's santa gets real personal with some handmade awesomeness!Page 76
noir_bloodIcemopperStormwatchernoir_blood gets a library of new things along with some awesome action figuresPage 45
NorfairCameron_TalleycrucialityfactorNorfair's holidays are lego-tastic!Page 37, Page 36
parabolaForceVoidEvilBadmanparabola receives an unholy combination of drinkablesPage 70
PeewiDeath Cab for AlbieelkatasPeewi hunts down monsters and takes names!Page 14, Page 14
PepperSinclairebigwahHallowedFaithPepperSinclaire is all about the yippee ki yay...Page 70, Page 84
proyebatNickTheNewbieMr HeistSanta gears proyebat up for survival, better watch out zombies!Page 68
RadiationDehumanizedearthwormadamRadiation gets some epic Mickey action!Page 65
redfield85jclastredfield85 has a Happy Thanksgivingmas, courtesy of his Santa!Page 84, Page 76
remlap13LewieP's Mummyremlap13 gets a whole sackful of handmade goodness!Page 56, Page 26, Page 17
RentelevatureShady3011Christmas at Rent's involves a very large mousePage 72, Page 72
RisenPhoenixZiggymonBeltaineSweets, treats, and some hand bound goodness are delivered to RisenPhoenix Page 60
Robert KhooDidgeridooSweeney TomKhoo's desk is the site of an explosion of cheer!Page 8
RookAh_PookAsiinaIt's raining games for Rook!Page 59, Page 83, Page 86
Rorus RazanoffdayChanceRorus Raz is gifted with one of Santa's little elves!Page 55
Ross MillsImperfectZerg! Watch out Ross Mills! And get that protoss out of the jet engine again!Page 96
SceptreAaronKIPage 91
SchideXaviarHardKaseSchide gets a triple whammy!Page 79
see317stavesacresee317 is having trouble with tribbles!Page 18
shadowaneKyouguTSI|Awesomeshadowane gets some picture books for adults, awesome!Page 45
Shady3011RentelevatureShady3011 sets himself up for some shitty videogames!Page 59, Page 54
Shrieking EmuDawasaurusAkiraShrieking Emu looks like he got set up for a space western, all he needs is a firefly class ship!Page 20
sirchrissypooDuoRCNsirchrissypoo gets the ultimate book collection!Page 22
SirUltimosvegeta_666DyvionSirUltimos is now geared up for a toasty winterPage 77
slacktronSniperGuyslacktron's gifts are stolen by his offspring! Page 61
SniperGuyslacktronThe_SpaniardSniperGuy's holiday is Whedon-tastic!Page 53
spookymuffingalenbladeJohn Zoidbergspookymuffin's hardcover comics can withstand hostile conditions!Page 66
S-StarwindAiouaS-Starwind's holidays are looking very CloudyPage 81
stavesacremxmarkssee317stavesacre gets likkered up for his holidays!Page 63
stevemarks44Blackbeard7UnbreakableVowstevemarks44 gets exactly what he wanted, a horror filled christmas!Page 46
Stormwatchernoir_bloodIcemopperStormwatcher has enough reading material to last until the next secret santa!Page 78
strebaliciousLouieAbsoluteZerostrebalicious gets the 3rd PS3 of the year, completing the trifecta!Page 21
Sweeney TomRobert KhooSzechuanSweeney Tom gets a handheld masterpiece from the master of Penny Arcade!Page 12
SzechuanSweeney TomDidgeridooSzechuan's got some nails for christmas, nine inchers!Page 62
TeeManBursartoolbertTeeMan gets his first gift, and it's virtual!Page 20, Page 56
The Count of Midget FistoAngel177DunxcoThe Count of Midget Fisto gets a care package from a fellow zombie survivorPage 9
The Dude With HerpesAlfred J. KwakKlykaThe Dude With Herpes's santa has some philosophical advicePage 78
TheOtherHorsemanKendrikForarTheOtherHorseman gets some magically mutiplying books!Page 44
THEPAIN73MightyEl MuchoTHEPAIN73 gets an assortment of holiday goodiesPage 81, Page 80, Page 80, Page 81
TheScrupleGroveMullitt the WiseTheScruple has a whole host of infectious diseases!Page 78
The_SpaniardSniperGuyThe_Spaniard receives a desperate struggle!Page 90, Page 77
toolbertTeeManBursartoolbert gets some console lovin'!Page 29, Page 49
TSI|AwesomeshadowaneKyouguTSI|Awesome gets some deliciousness, games, and books, what more could you want?Page 45
Two Headed BoyFremTwo Headed Boy relives his childhood with his present!Page 52, Page 26
UEAKCrashWraithXt1BlueBlueUEAKCrash is all prepped for his next pub crawl!Page 37, Page 37
UnbreakableVowstevemarks44Blackbeard7UnbreakableVow gets more witchcraft and wizardry than one person can handle!Page 39
urahonkyTHEPAIN73Mightyurahonky is all stocked up and ready for the zombie apocalypse!Page 18
vegeta_666DyvionSirUltimosvegeta_666 gets booked!Page 84, Page 98
VThornheartWilDPanthA05WillethVThornheart's santa travels backward in time to get him his gift!Page 40
WIckedkarmaHenroidmntorankusuWIckedkarma brings in the heavy guns to help with his presentPage 31
WilDPanthA05WillethVThornheartWilDPanthA05 is armed to the teeth and ready for the undeadPage 82, Page 60
WillethVThornheartWilDPanthA05Penny Arcade Merch has invaded Willeth's abodePage 32
wobblyheadedbobNackmatholnwobblyheadedbob suffers from an attack by a killer cat!Page 16
WraithXt1BlueBlueUEAKCrashWraithXt1 is totally geared up for killing zombies and aliens, bring it on!Page 47
XaviarHardKaseSchidePage 73